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1)    Fiscal Responsibility

I believe Topekans are deserving of a governing body that will wisely spend tax monies to efficiently and effectively complete the essential functions of city government; good roads, reliable sanitation, clean water, functioning sewers, and sufficient police and fire services.  This should be the primary consideration of the city council, with any other potential expenses remaining secondary.  All Topekans have had to make difficult decisions at times to remain solvent in their own family and I am ready to make those same difficult decisions to assure the future solvency of our community.  I believe strongly in zero based budgeting for every city department to justify their budget and help control out-of-control budget growth.

2)    Business Friendly Community

It is the private sector that creates sustainable prosperity and jobs for Topeka.  The private sector creates the revenue that supports the essential functions of city government. Consequently, it is the responsibility of the Topeka city council, and it is in the best interest of the citizens of Topeka, to create an environment conducive to a thriving business community. The goal of the city council should be to remove barriers to success while creating sensible, affordable, and clear business regulations that adequately guard public safety.  This all can be achieved without the city attempting to micro manage the business community through preferential treatment and the use of tax dollars to support private ventures. As your city council representative I will work to assure that every law and regulation addresses a specific and demonstrated community need while being clear, concise, and applying equally to every individual and business.

3)     Property Rights

One of primary rights which contrasts America from the rest of the world is the right to own property. Owning property in Topeka is no different. Through the years we have seen countless infringements upon this basic American right. These infringements have been through financial channels, eminent domain abuses, and frivolous codes which have no pragmatic applications. As your city council representative I will stand guard against any more attacks upon the property rights of the citizens of Topeka.


Your platform page gives a good indication of your basic philosophy, but is short on specific issues as related to Topeka city government.
For example: Roads and potholes, do you support the use of a City Manager, city sales tax rates, etc..
Let me put it another way. What are your views of the top 3-5 issues facing Topeka right now and what do you think should be done about them?
Richard Mason
(Nancy Mason’s husband…we played chess at AT&T).

I forgot to mention…nice website.
Richard Mason

(By the way I am now a Demopcrat (12th ward Captain and Precinct Committeeman of the 20th Precinct. But I support the horse and not the saddle! Good luck.

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