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Gray for 8th District City Council

Andrew Gray Bio

My name is Andrew Gray and I am a proud lifelong Topekan.

I am a 42 years old father of two. I have been employed in Topeka at AT&T for thirteen years as an Order Support Specialist.

I am actively involved in the Libertarian Party and was elected to the position of Chairman of the state party in April 2009. The Libertarian Party is attractive to me due to their strong beliefs in fiscal conservatism and civil liberties.

I was asked to run for the city council by countless people due to these beliefs. I am running for the 8th District City Council position because of the respect that I have for the generations that built this city and because of the deep sense of responsibility I feel to generations which raise their families in Topeka after me.

Please contact me directly at Chair@lpks.org or 785.231.4367 if you have any questions or comments. I ask for your vote to help me create a brighter future for Topeka.

Thank you.

Andrew Gray
Candidate for 8th District City Council

Four things you need to do…

1) Tell your friends about Andrew Gray for City Council.

2) Donate financially.

3) Display a yard sign or put a sign on your business.

4) Vote. In this off-year election turnout will be low. Your vote could be the ONE that wins this election.


Support the Gray for City Council Campaign. Campaign contributions are not tax deductible.

Donations Details

By campaign finance laws, donations are limited to $500 per person or business. Married couples may each donate the maximum and business owners may donate with business funds and as an individual. Political donations are not tax deductible.

You may donate online at the link above, or you may mail your donations to

Andrew Gray for Topeka
PO Box 1262
Topeka, KS 66601-1262

Make checks payable to "Andrew Gray for Topeka". Per campaign finance laws, please include your name, phone number, address, employer and industry.